Options for Financial Assistance for Individuals Suffering from Disabling Injuries

Any serious accident is sure to leave victims physically scarred and dealing with plenty of consequences. In some cases, the impact of these consequences can last for a long time, such as in the case of disabling injuries. As noted on the website of the Law Offices of Yvonne Fraser, injuries like spinal cord damage and brain trauma are sure to limit the a person’s ability to return to their jobs and earn a proper income. As a result, many victims suffering from disabling injuries find themselves struggling financially.

Fortunately, these victims have several options with regard to receiving financial assistance. There are, in particular, the Social Security Disability benefits. Through two distinct benefits program established by the federal government, those who are suffering from disabling injuries can rest assured that they there are security blankets that will ensure they won’t be left vulnerable to the devastating consequences of the accident they experienced.

Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI is the first option available for individuals with disabling injuries. The SSDI is specifically meant for insured members of the Social Security system. This means any contributing member aged 65 years or younger can qualify for SSDI benefits. It’s important, however, important to note that SSDI is awarded only to those that have been employed for enough time in order to make appropriate Social Security payment.

Those that do not fall under this category shouldn’t fret, because there is another option. The Supplemental Security Income or SSI is provided by the U.S. Treasury for individuals with disabilities that are 65 and younger and are either unemployed or don’t meet the requirement for Social Security payments mentioned above. The U.S. Treasury determines qualified individuals by checking if the person’s current income and means of living falls within the determined bracket for federal benefits.

According to the website of the Indiana Social Security disability lawyer from the Hankey Law Office, suffering from disabling injuries can be a real challenge, especially when considering the financial complications such an injury can easily cause an individual.

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