On Personal Injury and Accountability

This is a day and age that is comfortable with zero accountability. People often use and misconstrue the concept of freedom of speech in order to spout out vile and hateful comments towards other people and expect to be allowed to do so, simply because they don’t hold themselves accountable to the effects of their words. This can be more dangerous when in a situation about the actions of people – and when they choose to be careless or negligent.

There are numerous ways wherein a person can be needlessly negligent and claim that it wasn’t their fault. A sleepy driver could cause a major road accident and refuse to claim responsibility due to lethargy being a natural state. An elderly person in a nursing home could be abused and never say anything but the people committing the abuse could get away with it because there wasn’t anyone there to notice the signs. There are so many ways in which a person could be injured due to the negligent actions of someone else and the one at fault gets away without being held accountable for it. Not only is this unacceptable but this is also unjust in so many ways.

Personal injury exists in order to combat this lack of accountability for it is the legal terminology used in order to define circumstances wherein one party was injured directly due to the negligence of someone else. According to the website of the lawyers with Evans Moore, LLC, the injury need not be physical as it can also take form in emotional and mental injury such as through clinical depression or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Sometimes, there are instances wherein some insurance companies actually approach victims who are without legal representation and tempt them with cash payouts that could cover the basics of the injury. It’s dangerous to allow and validate this lack of accountability for the sake of comfort. Doing what’s right is rarely ever easy but some battles are certainly worth fighting for— justice in your name due to personal injury is one of them.

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