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Air Quality in the Workplace

Air quality in the workplace is essential for many reasons. Not only does it ensure that a company is operating within the law and therefore avoiding fines, but it is also morally the right thing to do. Workers show up expecting their employer to respect them and provide them with the best working environment possible. This goes both ways, too—if employers work to provide their workers with a positive working environment, they will get the best productivity out of their workers. Ensuring that a workplace’s air is pure and free of toxins is an essential step to take to gain the trust and hard work of employees.

A workplace with contaminated air has a massive negative effect on productivity, for several reasons. Particulates in the air are common in manufacturing facilities, where welding creates “weld fumes” containing microscopic particles of metal. If not properly managed, these weld fumes can seriously impact employee health. These health issues could range from something as innocuous as sore eyes and throat to something as serious as cancer. It’s the moral thing to do to protect employees from even minor health risks, but the business motivations for maintaining a healthy workplace extend far beyond that.

It’s been proven that unhealthy working environments, in addition to being immoral and illegal, are serious drains on worker’s productivity. The illnesses and health risks associated with unsafe air bring with them an increased error rate from workers, costing companies a massive amount of lost time. Workers who are in an unsafe workplace are also likely to get sick more often and call in, creating hours of lost productivity every day. On top of these issues, facilities that don’t prioritize their workers’ health aren’t likely to keep those workers for long. If an employee is getting constantly sick at their workplace, they will eventually have no choice but to look for greener pastures. If the employer doesn’t respect its worker’s right to a healthy environment, workers have no reason to be loyal or hardworking for that company.

In order to prevent all of the problems that come with inadequate air filtration, facilities should be sure to invest in comprehensive systems to keep their air clean. Fume collection systems pay for themselves many times over in increased productivity and decreased absenteeism, and give both the employer and the employee a peace of mind that the air in the workplace is, in fact, safe to breathe.

Safe workplaces are essential in maintaining and recruiting a workforce. The demand for welders has risen greatly in the last few years, and companies looking to hire will have to deal with intense competition from other firms. Being a workplace that values and protects its employees is one of the most important factors in recruitment and retention and ensures that employees will be satisfied. A safe workplace is just the right thing to do, and it pays tangible dividends.